Joint Development

  • Design

    A strong Research and Development team cater the product, mould and gear mechanism designs from simplistic to radical based on customers’ requirement.

  • Prototyping

    To transform in house design into prototype by 3D printer or high speed CNC milling machine.

  • Technical Development

    Finishing products development along with the chemical formulation before final functional test and mould fabrication.

  • Mould Fabrication

    With the state-of-the-art high speed CNC milling machine improve the efficiency and productivity in proto mould, family mould and production mould fabrication.


  • Moulding

    Our advanced and fully automated German Injection Moulding Machines and blow moulding facilities are highly cost efficient

  • Filling and Slitting

    Our high speed and automatic filling machines produce correction fluid that commands optimum efficiency and reliability. Precision slitting facilities are responsible for various tape width and length at your command.

  • Printing, Assembly and Packaging

    Multi-colour tempo printing is responsible for product artwork whereas technology intensive assembly line is ever-ready in meeting your tight deadline. Customized packaging and artwork design from auto blistering machine maximise cost efficiency.