For our efforts in preserving product safety, we have been accredited the following:


The World Bank awarded us funding under the Montreal Protocol for having successfully implemented the Ozone Depleting Substances Phase-Out Project.


Awarded the Malaysian Ozone Layer Protection Award (MOLPA) by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.


In the same year, we were issued a "Green Label" Certificate by the Singapore Institute of Standard and Industrial Research.


To meet the ever-changing customer preferences and to maintain the edge over other competitors in the industry, Widetech has also developed and established successful partnerships with reliable and trusted suppliers of tools, raw materials and machines from Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan. Thus, untoward incidents like delays and shortages in supplies are minimal, and this in turn, ensures the smooth production process which is vital to the manufacturing industry.


We also take pride in having achieved vertical integration in that all product designing, tooling fabrication, chemical formulations, plastic components moulding, assembly, packaging, and related processes are all done in-house. This gives us the advantage of having good control and coordination of our operations.


Widetech has also invested in Research and Development (R&D) to look into new innovations and improved mechanisms to widen and vary our product range and also to compete more aggressively in a demanding market. No effort is spared either in improving logistics to ensure smooth and prompt deliveries.




Correction Tape, Correction Pen, Correction Fluid, GTS Permanent & Non-Permanent, GT2, CTS, Jr. E-Tape, D-Lite, MTS, Mega-K, Professional, Mini-K,

E-Glue Permanent & Non- Permanent, E-Tape, E-Pen, Dynagrip, DynaFlex


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